We are Available Worldwide

Offering our services to every company in the ceramic sector, manufacturers, distributors and marketers that are seeking new synergies in the production chain, as well as in the supply of ceramic in small & large formats.

Our Global Presence

Nexbury Ceramica, in a short span of time has made its name and expanded its clientele to all corners of the globe. In addition to being regarded as the pinnacle of quality and durability not only in India, but also in worldwide markets, Nexbury Ceramica has established itself as an unrivalled pioneer in innovation and design. Nexbury Ceramica is proudly a global brand now.

Our Export Coverage

Nexbury Ceramica Pvt Ltd exports spread across an ever growing network of more than 10 countries. Maps has spread its wings ahead to deliver its best product globally. We have been exporting to a number of countries and we know that every country has a different set of rules for imports.